I ordered a jar to use on my daughters’ hair. Not only did the hair texture come out soft and detangled but I am now ordering more for their hairdresser who commented on how easy it was now to braid their hair. She was amazed that my daughters did not wince or cry once!
— Lola O., Dallas, Texas Natural Hair
This is a great product. I love the natural smell. Please try as much as possible not to add any artificial fragrances to it as it is great the way it is with the nutty butter smell.
— Via Twitter Natural Hair
DamageBeGone be (sic) so goood! We LOVE it! Excellent product! I need more! My locks are silky! I need more Olori Hair Crack! How do I get it?
— Aisha D., Lagos Chemically Processed Hair
Heard great things about DamageBeGone. Apparently the recipes have been passed down generations in Nigeria. Needed a miracle after my last relaxer retouch left my hair crunch, brittle and smelling… Hair looking better already with a glistening sheen…
— Kemi A., New York Chemically Processed Hair
Darling, just used your product. My hairdresser LOVES it!!!! Will place order through someone coming to Lagos.
— Tolani M., Nairobi, Kenya Natural Hair
This conditioner is suuuuuuuper!!! Completely resuscitated my hair! Everyone’s been commenting on the texture all day! I need to purchase two more tubs please. Will be spreading the word on how fab this product is!
— Yetunde A., Lagos Chemically Processed Hair
…Serious TLC for my hair, this has worked wonders on my hair. 100% organic. Great for all hair types. Join the Olori Cosmetics Twitter page for order inquiries.
— Kemi O, Lekki, Lagos Chemically Treated and Colored Hair
Testimonials from some of our happy clients!

Testimonials from some of our happy clients!