Visit our Where to Buy page or shop for our products on Konga and Jumia

Visit our Where to Buy page or shop for our products on Konga and Jumia


Now the secret to healthy and happy hair is here – Olori Cosmetics!

DamageBeGone Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

This product is ideal for both natural and chemically processed hair. It is a great multi-use product that addresses the following conditions:

  • Great remedy for damaged, dry and brittle hair. We guarantee that you notice a reversal in the look & feel of your hair after just two uses!
  • Perfect dry hair and dry scalp – our churned blend goes a long way to add much-needed moisture to parched and thirsty hair, which is very typical of most African hair types.
  • Deeply moisturizes to soften, moisturize and give hair a refreshed lustre and shine
  • Great for use to deep condition hair before braiding or putting cornrows or fixing a weave.
  • This product is also great for younger Oloris who wear their hair braided or plaited regularly.
  • This product is also a great detangler for use when taking out braids
  • his product is designed to bring out the Olori in your hair!

DamageBeGone: Introducing our new Conditioning Shampoo with Argan Oil

This product is formulated for dry, parched, dehydrated, damaged, under-nourished, breakage-prone hair. Our mild yet rich conditioning shampoo conditions and detangles as it gently cleanses without stripping the hair of essential moisture, leaving the hair supple and manageable.

This product contains Moroccan Argan Oil which is known for its amazing hydrating and strengthening benefits for hair. This formula also contains a blend of witch hazel (which soothes itchy scalp and prevents dandruff), tea tree and cucumber extracts to help restore the look of healthy, happy hair